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TennBeat is an online news outlet based in Nashville, Tennessee. Here you will find “news you can use” to make informed decisions and opinions on business, government and everything in between.

You’ll notice there is no paywall for TennBeat because information should be free.

Who is behind TennBeat?

Some people call her Kathryn others call her the “headline hunter” because if there is a story, she’ll break it. She has broken stories on everything from meth fueled attack squirrels to new Amtrak lines.

Rickmeyer got her start in the news industry as a television news producer for an NBC affiliate in Huntsville, Alabama. After moving to Nashville, she quickly made a name for herself as a reporter for the Nashville Post and Nashville Scene. Her articles have been cited in The Guardian, NBC, CoinDesk and other national and international news outlets.

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Kathryn Rickmeyer
Nashville-based journalist covering technology, real estate and politics in Tennessee